My favorite non-travel deal sites

Although this blog is mostly about travel deals for families, I would also like to talk about other deals that I hear about and non-travel deal sites that I love.  There are 2 deal sites that I check every day – Slickdeals and Woot.  I absolutely love these 2 sites.

Slickdeals’ content is generated by its users.  People post deals that they found.  Most of the deals are for on-line stores, but they also have bricks and mortar deals.  Users then vote on the deal with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  The deals that get a lot of thumbs up float up to the front page.  What’s great too is that people can comment on the deals and talk about how to make the deal even better.  I’ve gotten hit Disney blu-ray combo packs for as little as $6 using information from Slickdeals.  This is usually through a combination of store promotions combined with Disney coupons.  When I see amazing deals posted on Slickdeals, I’ll post them to this site.

Woot is actually a combination of 5 sites – Woot, Kids Woot, Shirt Woot, Wine Woot, and Sellout Woot.  Woot typically sells electronic items.  Kids Woot sells items that kids would like.  Those are the ones I generally check.  You can buy up to 3 of them items they are selling and shipping is always $5 (whether you’re buying 1 or 3).  I love getting items on this site especially for birthday presents.  I have 2 boys who have lots of birthday parties to attend every year.  I buy items from Kids Woot or deals I find on slickdeals.  I keep them in a closet in our house.  And when the kids have a party to attend, I have them pick something out from the closet.

Occasionally, you will see lights flashing on the Woot site.  They do that to let you know they are having a woot-off.  A woot-off is a day when they are selling more than one item.  They have one item up at a time.  When an item runs out, a new item goes up and so on.


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