$1 Per Day Car Rental

Update: They have expanded the time to June 24, 2011 for this deal.

Rental car companies need to move cars between locations based on expected demand.  For example, during Spring Break, they need a lot of cars in warm weather locations.  As the weather gets nicer, they need to move cars to more northern locations.  If you’re willing to transport the car between 2 of the locations, you can save a lot of money on your car rental and on traveling back home.

Most rental car companies have a program for one way rentals from the South to the North (most for $20/day), but Dollar Rental Car and Thrifty have the best deal.  Dollar Rental Car and Thrifty (same parent company) have a program that allows you to rental a mid-sized car for $1/day.  To get this rate, you have to pick up the car at one of their eligible pick up locations (most of them in Florida) and you have to drop it off at one of their eligible drop off locations (most around NYC) between April 19 and May 31, 2011.  It appears that they run this deal every year.  They also run deals in the Fall to move the cars from north to south.

I can see this working really well for northern families taking April vacation trips to Disney.  You could purchase one-way tickets down.  Rent the car in Orlando.  Use it all week for only $1/day.  And then drive back using the car, saving on the airfare back.  I realize that it’s a long drive and may not be for everyone.  But it could save a family a lot of money and could make a trip to Disney World a lot more affordable.


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