How to Redeem American Airline AAdvantage miles for oneworld Awards

Two days ago I talked about how to redeem American AAdvantage miles for award travel solely on American Airlines.  Yesterday I talked about how to redeem American AAdvantage miles for All Airline award travel.  There is a third option for redeeming miles – oneworld awards.

Oneworld awards are typically used for international travel where you want to stopover in many cities or around the world travel.  Oneworld awards allow for multiple stopovers and open-jaws.  The miles needed to redeem a oneworld award are calculated based on the total number of miles you’re traveling.  Here is the current award chart.

You need to include at least 2 partner airlines in the itinerary: British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LAN, Malev, Mexicana, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, or S7 Airlines.  Some partner airlines may be not used with oneworld awards that can be used for All Partner awards: Air Pacific, Air Tahiti Nui, Alaska Airlines / Horizon Air, Brussels Airlines, EL AL, Hawaiian Airlines, and Jet Airways.  The award ticket may include American Airlines, but it is not required to include it.  The ticket may not include more than 16 segments.  A segment is determined by flight number.  One flight number = one segment (even if the flight makes stops).  There are also restrictions on how many times you can stopover or connect through a city.  Refer to this thread for more details on restrictions.

Since this type of award is based on number of miles traveled, it’s very important to understand how they calculate total countable trip miles.  The total countable trip miles is calculated by looking at the originating cities, stopover cities, connecting cities, and final destination city.  It does not include any miles between open jaws (i.e. land segments where you landed in one city and you traveled over land to another city which you then flew out of for your next segment).

The tickets are valid for 1 year after issue date of the tickets (not from your first flight).  Once the ticket is issued, you cannot change the name of the person traveling, the routing of a segment or the airline of a segment.  You can make changes for free to the date of your flights as long as the routing and airline is the same.

As I mentioned yesterday, these types of tickets cannot be made on-line.  You must call the frequent flyer redemption line and talk to a representative.  If you are not an Executive Platinum member, you will incur a nominal fee.  It’s best to do your research ahead of calling to determine the flights you want to take.  The best tools for searching availability of oneworld partners are: British Airways, Qantas, Award Nexus, Expert Flyer, and KVS Tool.  I will cover the pros and cons of each of these in another post.

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