American AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards

For those of you who have a Citicard AAdvantage credit card, you can book some frequent flyer trips at a reduced rate.  Citicard allows you to book Milesaver awards for certain locations in the US and Canada for 17,500 miles instead of the standard 25,000.  There are different locations every quarter.  These locations are typically posted right before the quarter begins, so these are not the type of awards that you can schedule far in advance.  To book these types of awards, you first want to make sure that the Milesaver level is available between your home and one of the reduced mileage locations (you can search on  After confirming a Milesaver is available, you call the American Airlines AAdvantage Reservations number at 1-800-882-8880.  Tell them that you want to book a reduced mileage award.  You will need the Award Code from the Reduced Mileage site.  Here is a link to current locations. 

I have links on the right side of the web site that link you to the application for American AAdvantage credit cards.  As I mention, these offers technically expired in February, but the links are still active and people on Flyertalk are reporting success.  The best offer I know about now that isn’t expired is a 30,000 mile sign-up bonus.


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