British Airways Award Redemption

Last week, I talked about how to redeem American Airlines miles.  But I’m guessing that some of you have a lot of British Airways miles now because of their incredible 100,000 mile sign-up bonus earlier this year.  American Airlines and British Airways are both members of the Oneworld Alliance.  So a lot of what I talked about last week also apply to British Airways.  But there are some differences.

British Airways has 4 different kinds of awards: British Airways only, BA plus one partner, 1 partner only, and oneworld award (based on distance).  That is different than American’s awards which include: all American, all Airline (can include multiple airlines with or without American) and oneworld.  So if you want to travel using multiple partners using BA miles, you will need to redeem using oneworld.

One big benefit that BA has over American award redemption is that BA allows for unlimited stops as long as the most direct route is taken (although the customer service representative may not fully enforce the more direct route clause).  That is a huge benefit if you want to visit many locations.

Let’s say you wanted to visit South America from the US.  You could travel on LAN for 20,000 miles each way in coach.  You could fly from NY to Miami to Buenos Aires (one-way) and then Buenos Aires to Sao Paolo to Lima to NY on the way back.

When redeeming British Airways miles, I would suggest redeeming on partner airlines.  British Airways charges high fueling charges on award tickets if you fly on British Airways flights.

You could do similar types of awards to other parts of the world as well.

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