BJ Wholesale Club’s Travel Discounts

I am planning a trip to Wyoming for my family this summer.  In my research, I learned about something I’ve never used before – BJ Wholesale Club’s Travel Discounts.  I needed to book a rental car for the trip and couldn’t believe that the rates were running over $550/week for a full-sized rental.  I could not bring myself to pay that much, so I was going to try Priceline.  I went to Better Bidding and Bidding for Travel to try to get an idea of where I needed to start bidding.  Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information about Wyoming on those sites.

So I looked at the general discussion about rental cars.  I came across a post where someone said that they had good luck with the BJ Wholesale Club’s Travel Discount program.  Technically you need to be a member to use the discounts, but most of the rental car agencies don’t ask for your number (only Enterprise did in my searching).  I am a member regardless, so if they ask to see my card when I go, I have one. 

I searched each of the rental car agencies and was shocked when I saw that renting a full-sized car from Dollar Rent A Car was only going to cost me $240 for the week!  I thought that I must have entered my location or dates incorrectly, but I hadn’t.  I thought maybe it didn’t include unlimited miles, but it did. 

I’ll write more about my trip planning for our Wyoming vacation in another post, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this site considering it saved me over $300!  And since it’s booked directly with the rental car agency (and not through a discount site like Priceline or Hotwire), we can get frequent flyer points.

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