How to Redeem American Airline AAdvantage Miles

When redeeming American Airlines frequent flyer miles, you have 3 redemption options:

  • All American Airlines award
  • All Partner award
  • OneWorld award

The easiest to understand, and the one I would assume most people use, is the All American Airlines award ticket.  This ticket would be one where you only fly on American Airlines flights.  You can book them directly on American’s web site.  Today I’ll walk through those basics.  Later in the week, I’ll talk about Partner awards, stopovers, use of one way tickets to mimic open jaws (which are no longer allowed on American Airlines), and OneWorld awards.

The easiest way to search for American Airlines award availability is on American Airline’s web site.  Let’s say you wanted to travel from Boston to Los Angeles in September and you don’t have specific dates you want to travel.

Open the American Aireline’s web site.  Check the box for Redeem AAdvantage Miles, enter in BOS for Depart From, LAX for Arrive In, September dates in the Depart Date and Return Date fields, and click Find Flights.

Select the date you want to travel from Boston to LA on by clicking on the box.  Notice that the dates that use the least amount of miles are the light green color.

Select the date you want to travel from LA to Boston on by clicking on the box, then click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.  Note: If you weren’t already logged into your American AAdvantage account by now, there would be boxes asking you to log in.  I was already logged in, so it didn’t display those fields.

Select the flights you want to take from Boston to LA by clicking on the group of flights.  After you selected the outgoing flights you like, then click on the Return section on the left hand side of the screen.

Select the returns flights you want to take by clicking on the grouping of flights.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.  You will see a log in section.  Enter your AAdvantage number and password and click the Log In button.

The next page is the confirmation and payment page.  Confirm the information is correct and enter your information for payment and enjoy your trip!  (The total cost of this trip would have been 25,000 miles and $10 in taxes.)

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