Open-jaws and American AAdvantage One-Way

I stated in my American AAdvantage All Partner post that open-jaw ticketing is not allowed with that type of award and it is allowed with the oneworld award.  I realize that some people may not know what an open-jaw ticket is so I thought I’d talk about it today.  An open-jaw ticket is where you do not fly out of the same city your last flight landed in or your origination city is not the same as your final destination city.

American Airlines removed open-jaw ticketing as an option for all American or all Partner awards when American Airlines changed its frequent flyer program to allow one-way ticketing.  This does limit your options in the middle of your itinerary if say you had wanted to fly for NYC to Paris take a train to Madrid and then fly from Madrid to Rome.  However, you can still mimic open-jaws on a trip by booking your outgoing flights and your return flights separately as one-ways.  If you wanted to visit the same cities, you could fly one-way from NYC to Paris, take a train to Madrid, take a train to Rome and then book a one-way ticket home from Rome.  (You could also use the strategy I talked about on the All Partner awards if you didn’t mind spending less than 24 hours in one location.)

American Airlines does allow open-jaw ticketing on their oneworld awards.  However, you may end up spending many more miles if you book a oneworld instead of an All Partner ticket.  I wouldn’t recommend using a oneworld unless you wanted to visit many different cities or you wanted to book an around the world ticket.

Other airlines do allow open-jaw ticketing on regular awards.  It helps to research what’s allowed for the airline you are redeeming miles with so you can see more cities.

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