Trip Planning

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am a big time planner, especially when I’m traveling.  I like to know a lot about our destination before we go.  I try to plan out months in advance the big activities we want to do on the trip.  So how do I go about planning a trip?

  • Talk to people who live there or have been there – There is no reason to go in blind to a destination.  There is so much we can learn from other people.  If I know someone who lives in the location, I ask them for their suggestions on must see activities and tips on favorite restaurants.  If I know someone who went on vacation there, I ask them what the favorite thing they did was and what their best advice is.  I find that people who are tourists have different suggestions than a local would have and you can learn a lot from both.
  • Visit your library – I always stop by our library and pick up travel books.  Our library has a great selection with many books per location.  If I find a book that I really like, then I’ll got out and buy it.  I like getting the books because it gives me a starting point.  I find that there is so much information on the web; I like to focus my search before I start.
  • Search on the web – There are tons of web sites that give great information about travel destinations.  I try to find 2 – 3 really good sites for each location.  I create a folder in my internet browser Favorites, so I always have easy access to the sites.
  • Research on Trip Advisor – Before booking anything – hotel, activity, etc – I like to see what people on Trip Advisor have to say.  You can find great information that will improve the quality of your trip.

I will feature some of the trips that we’ve taken and how I planned for them.  And I’d also like to feature locations that either we’ve been to or would like to go to.  If you have any great tips for places you’ve been, let me know how you planned for the trip.  I’d love to share your tips with everyone.  And if you’re thining about taking a vacation and want some suggestions let me know.  I’ll write a blog about the location and how I would plan for it.


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