Connecticut Science Center

This weekend I went to the Connecticut Science Center with the boys.  Located in downtown Hartford on the Connecticut River, the CT Science Center opened in 2009.  The design of the building is quite modern with a unique roof which is called The Magic Carpet.

The center has 4 floors of exhibits and a 3D theater.  The first floor has a water play area.  It is geared towards younger children, but I’ve noticed that kids of all ages love this area.  My kids want to stop at it on the way in and the way out.

Water Play

The Center is large enough that you will most likely not finish in one day.  On our first trip to the Center, we spent all of our time in the Mindbenders Mansion exhibit.  The room consists of 4 sections.  In each section, you have to solve at least 3 puzzles.  When you solve the puzzle, you are given codes.  When you collect all of the codes, you go to a computer to enter your name into the Wall of Fame.  The computer takes your picture and you get a certificate saying you’re part of the Wall of Fame.

On our most recent visit, we went to the Nature Unleashed exhibit.  This exhibit had pictures and debris from natural disasters.  There was an interactive display where the kids learned about how volcanoes work.  They got to “make their own volcano” and show it on a huge screen.

We also went to the Exploring Space exhibit.  The kids loved solving manipulative puzzles and sitting in an exhibit that teaches you about outer space.  (The seats were reclined back and super comfortable.)




We’ve also visited the Forces in Motion exhibit.  These exhibits teach the kids all about the different forces of motion.  My kids loved the sailboats.  You control the sails on the sailboat to see how fast you can get across the course.



We’ve been the CT Science twice and still haven’t come close to seeing the entire center.  The kids absolutely love going to the Science Center.  They beg me every time to stay longer.  Check out the web site to see all of the different exhibits.


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