Favorite Family Travel Items

Traveling with a family does not need to be hard.  We’ve traveled with our kids since they were babies.  It defniitely has gotten easier as they got older.  They really enjoy traveling now.  And they tend to be better behaved while we are traveling. 

There are a few items that I make sure to pack when traveling with our family.

  • Travel Power Strip – We travel with a lot of electronics.  Many airports have power stations to make it easier to charge those items while you’re traveling.  I still prefer to find a wall outlet since you can sit next to it instead of standing at the power stations.  And sometimes it’s still hard to find an outlet.  That’s why I love my mini power strip.  It has 4 outlets on it.  Most people will not mind sharing an outlet with you if you have a power strip.  I highly recommend getting one.
  • Books – This works for kids of any age – coloring books, picture books, story books.
  • Headphones and a DVD player – Many airlines now have free entertainment if you bring your own headphones.  Some of the entertainment isn’t great for kids, so I like to bring a portable DVD player.  I bring their favorite movies.  This also is great when you get to your destination.  I find it hard to find shows for the kids when we’re traveling (we have a DVR at home).  When we went to Disney, we took a mid-day break every day.  We told the kids they either had to nap or watch a movie – guess which they chose.
  • Electronic gaming systems – I am all about making you life easier when traveling.  I will let my kids play on their DS’s the entire we’re traveling to our destination.  When we get to our destination, we don’t let them play much since they should be enjoying the trip.  But it’s hard for 2 active boys to sit still on a plane for hours on end.  But, funny, they don’t seem to have a problem with it if they are engrossed in their game.
  • Bottles and extra diapers if you’re traveling with a baby – Take-offs and landings can be hard on a baby’s ears.  I found that feeding them a bottle during take-off and landing keeps their ears from hurting.  The first time we took our oldest son on a flight, he was about 9 months old.  I was so concerned about his ears, I kept giving him a bottle.  BUT I forgot that all that liquid would be coming out and didn’t change his diaper.  So we both needed a change when we landed.
  • Lollipops and gum – For the older kids, bring lollipops or gum to help out with take-off and landing.
  • Snacks, snacks, snacks – I bring all kinds of snacks when we travel.  I like self-contained items like granola bars over things like trail mix which can easily spill.  I also let the kids pick out something at the airport stores because it makes the trip extra special.  And like I said, I’m all about making my life easier when traveling.
  • Post-its – If you have a kid that doesn’t like public restrooms because the toilets are loud, bring Post-it notes!  Put a Post-it note over the toilet sensor.  And after they finish with their business and are out of the stall, take the note off.

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