Looking for a different kind of family vacation?

I am all for relaxing vacations at high end hotels.  And hopefully with information you’ve read in this blog, you’ve learned how you can take those kinds of vacations for reasonable prices.  But maybe you’re looking for something a little bit different.  I recently read an article about vacations on farms in the Albany Times Union.

I grew up in a rural town outside of Buffalo, New York.  There were lots of farms around where we lived.  At church, the parishioners prayed for rain and good crops.  One of the neighboring towns had a Corn Festival every year.  And the town I went to high school in hosts the Erie County Fair, which is produced by the Erie County Agricultural Society and is one of the largest county fairs in the country.  I grew up in a town where you said hi to everyone you passed on the street and waved at every car that drove by.  We only had one real traffic light (and 2 flashing ones) in town.  I appreciate small town, country living, even though I don’t live in a town like that now.

The number of people living on farms has drastically decreased in the last fifty years.  And many people have little connection with where their food comes from.  What better way to teach your kids about food than to take a vacation on a farm.  Check out www.sleepinthehay.com or http://www.farmstayus.com/ for locations.


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