We’re going to Wyoming

In about a month, we’re heading out to Wyoming.  My husband and I want our kids to visit the major National Parks.  We thought it would be great to start with Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  What kid wouldn’t love to see Old Faithful, all the wild life, and huge mountains?  I have to admit that I’m not as far along in my planning as I’d like to be.  I did get the big items set up.  Here’s the breakdown.

Airfare: We, of course, are using frequent flyer tickets.  So we spent a grand total of $40 for all of our tickets.

Hotel: Hotels in Wyoming are very expensive.  Even rooms at basic hotels go for $200+ per night.  We are staying at the Hotel Terra.  The hotel is a 4-star that was built just a few years ago and is in Teton Village.  Retail prices for the rooms start at around $400/night.  I used lastminutetravel.com to get the room for $187/night.

Rental Car: I couldn’t believe how expensive rental cars were in Wyoming.  When I searched on Expedia, the lowest I could find for a full-sized car was about $550/week.  I booked our car using a discount code I got through BJ Wholesale Club’s travel site.  I got the car for $240/week.

Most of our time will be spent touring the parks.  I’m hoping the boys are up for hiking.  I still need to research other activities.

My older brother was back in the States for a few months.  He lives in New Zealand and works for a hang gliding company.  I was talking with him about a month ago about what he was going to do while he was State-side and he mentioned he was going to Wyoming!  Interesting… So I asked him what he was doing in Wyoming.  He said he was visiting one of his hang gliding buddies.  I told him that my husband would love to go hang gliding or paragliding when we’re out in Wyoming.  So he put us in touch with his friend and I set up a time for my husband to go.  He’ll be going with Jackson Hole Paragliding.  How cool is that?


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