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Who doesn’t love Buffalo wings or as I like to call them…wings?  Buffalo was settled by a range of ethnic groups, including German, Irish, Italian, Polish, and English which has resulted in a wide variety of food.  Here are a few you shouldn’t miss:

  • Wings – This is the food that is probably best associated with Buffalo since it was first prepared in Buffalo at the Anchor Bar located at 1047 Main St.  Another place that is popular for wings is Duff’s Famous Wings.  Duff’s has several locations, so check out the web site to find the one closest to you.

Anchor Bar Wings - picture courtesy of Buffalo Chow

The Anchor Bar - picture courtesy of Buffalo Chow

  • Beef on Weck – My mouth is watering just thinking about Beef on Weck – a roast beef sandwich on a salted kaiser roll.  You have to try it when you visit Buffalo.  And one of the best place to get Beef on Weck is Schwabl’s.  This restaurant has been in operation since 1837!

  • Hot dogs – Yes, you heard me right – hot dogs.  There are 2 places that are outstanding for hot dogs – George’s Hot Dogs Stand and Ted’s Hot Dogs.  Every kid in my family worked at George’s (some only for one day).  My first year working at George’s was George’s last year of running the operation himself.  His kids now run it.  George was quite a character.  I can still hear him saying “Hi-ya, hi-ya, hi-ya” as people walked in the door.  George’s is located at 5808 Herman Hill Road, Boston, NY.  I have to mention Ted’s, even though it pains me to do so since they are competition for George’s.  Ted’s has several locations in the area and I hear they have good hot dogs although I didn’t eat there.


Ted's Hot Dogs - picture courtesy of Buffalo Chow

  • Ice cream – If you like ice cream, you should try Nick Charlap’s ice cream.  Charlap’s has been making ice cream since 1965.  Nick Charlap is grandson of one of the original owner of Charlap’s.  Nick Charlap’s has 3 locations, the most recent is with Antoinette’s on the Hill in West Seneca (1203 Union St).  Antoinette’s makes candy so it’s a fantastic combination.  The original Charlap’s is located in Boston, NY (7264 Boston State Rd) and is decorated like a 1950s diner.  In full disclosure, Charlap’s were always very kind to our huge family.  Several of my siblings worked there.  And they allowed us to purchase milk at discounted prices.  They also gave us the change over ice cream for free.  You may wonder what I mean by that.  Well, when they are changing the flavor of ice cream that they are packing, there are about 3 tubs that are a mix of the 2 flavors.  They knew that we had a lot of kids and not a lot of money and they were kind to us.  The Charlap family is a very kind and generous family who made our summers more enjoyable with their delicious ice cream.

    Nick Charlap's picture courtesy of Buffalo Eats

    Nick Charlap's Ice Cream picture courtesy of Buffalo Eats

  • Sponge candy – Sponge candy is mostly made around the Great Lakes.  Think of it like hardened cotton candy covered in chocolate.  You can find it in almost every candy shop and many grocery stores.

Sponge candy picture courtesy of Buffalo Candy

Oh man, all of a sudden I’m really hungry…


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