Buffalo, NY – Historic Sites

It seems only appropriate on the Fourth of July to talk about the historic sites in Buffalo.

  • Presidents – There are several presidents who have connections to Buffalo.  Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland lived in the Buffalo area.  The Millard Fillmore House is located at 24 Shearer Ave, East Aurora, NY.  And William McKinley was assassinated when he was in Buffalo to attend the Pan-American Exposition and subsequently Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated in Buffalo (one of the few presidents to be inaugurated outside of Washington, D.C.).  The inauguration site is located at the Ansley Wilcox House at 641 Delaware Ave.

Millard Fillmore House picture courtesy of About Famous People

Ansley Wilcox House picture courtesy of the National Park Service

  • Old Fort Niagara and Old Fort Erie – Located at 2 Scott Avenue, Youngstown, NY, Old Fort Niagara is the oldest continuous operated military site in North America.  It played a significant role in the French and Indian war and as a loyalist base in the American Revolutionary War.  Admission is $10 for adults, $6 for kids (6 – 12) and kids under 6 are free.  Old Fort Erie is located 350 Lakeshore Rd, Ontario, Canada.  Fort Erie was the first fort built by the British during the French and Indian war.  It is located directly across the Niagara River from Old Fort Niagara.  Admission is $12.25 for adults, $7.95 for kids (6-12) and kids under 6 are free (prices are in Canadian dollars).

Old Fort Niagara picture courtesy of Wikimedia

Picture of Old Fort Erie courtesy of marinas.com

  • Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park – This site is located at One Naval Park Cove and is the home to the USS Little Rock (cruiser), USS Sullivans (destroyer) and USS Croaker (submarine).  Admission is $9 for adults, $6 for kids (6 – 16) and kids under 6 are free.

Picture of the Naval Park courtesy of Classic Buffalo

  • Lockport Locks – If you want to learn about the Erie Canal, you should visit the Lockport Locks.  It is located at 210 Market St, Lockport, NY.  You can take a cruise down the Erie Canal as you learn about the history of the Canal.  The cruise costs $16 for adults, $8.50 for kids (4 – 10) and kids under 4 are free.

Lockport Locks picture courtesy of Lockport Locks

  • Genesee Country Village and Museum – I loved visiting this museum as a kid.  We went to it on a field trip when I was in elementary school.  It is a living history museum with demonstrations of how people lived in the 19th century.  It is located 45 east of Buffalo at 1410 Flint Hill Rd, Mumford, NY.

School House picture courtesy of Genesee Country Village



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