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There are few if any places in the U.S. with more dedicated sports fans than Buffalo, NY.  The Buffalo Bills went to the Super Bowl almost all of my high school years.  I remember every Sunday during the football season was spent at a football party to watch the Bills game.  (It was a great time for anyone who wasn’t into sports to go shopping because almost no one was out shopping.)

Do you remember the Giants game in the movie When Harry Met Sally?  Well, guess what, it wasn’t filmed at Giants Stadium.  It was filmed at the Bills’ stadium because they wanted a great crowd.  Here are the major sports teams in Buffalo:

  • Buffalo Bills – So close so many times.  It’s a hard team to love, but the team has the best fans.  Even though I’ve moved away from Buffalo, I still root for them.  If you want to catch their training camp, it’s now at St. John Fisher College near Rochester, NY.  Definitely try to go to a game in Buffalo if you can, but dress warmly.  Since the field is below street level, the wind whips around the stadium.
  • Buffalo Sabres – I wasn’t much into hockey when I lived in Buffalo so I can’t really tell you much about the Sabres.  Their new stadium opened in 1996 so it’s a relatively near facility.
  • Buffalo Bisons – The Buffalo Bisons are a minor league Triple-A team that is a feeder team for the New York Mets.  You can get ticket for as little as $8.50.

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