Membership Reward 50% Bonus on Transfer to British Airways

Awhile back I talked about the promotion that Amex Membership rewards was running on transfers to British Airways.  The promotion ends on 7/31 and gives you a 50% bonus points on transfers.  I got in on the 50k Amex Gold deal in June so I had some Membership Reward points.  I don’t plan on keeping the Amex card after the year is up because I don’t want to pay the annual fee. 

There were 2 offers out there for Membership Rewards right now – one for British Airways and one for Delta.  You could get a 40% bonus with Delta if you transfer at least 50,000 miles.  I don’t like Delta miles.  They are hard to redeem for lower cost rewards.

I really like British Airways miles.  As I’ve stated in previous posts, I will not use British Airways miles for travel to Europe because of the fees that British Airways charges on those flights.  I like British Airways miles for travel on their partner airlines which includes American Airlines.  British Airways also allows unlimited stopovers.

So if you have some Membership Rewards sitting around, you might want to consider transfering them over to British Airways by this Sunday.


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