Wyoming – Jackson Hole Paragliding

There are so many great activities to do in Wyoming.  We stayed in Teton Village outside of Jackson.  I’ll talk more about where we stayed in another post, but today I want to talk about Jackson Hole Paragliding.  I believe I mentioned before that one of my brothers works for a hang gliding company in New Zealand where they take people up on tandem flights.  The hang gliding/flying community is a tight knit community.  My brother was back in the States earlier this summer to visit with friends and family.  When he was Stateside, he mentioned he was going to stop in Jackson Hole on his way home (about a month before our trip).  I asked him why he was stopping there and he told me that some of his mates (love that he picked up that term from living in New Zealand) are working there this summer.  I told him that we might be interested in “jumping off a mountain” while we were there, so he put us in touch with one of his friends, Cade Palmer who works for Jackson Hole Paragliding.  My husband booked a paragliding trip with Cade.

We talked via email with Cade before we went on the trip.  He suggested that we book a time early in our vacation because you are dependent on the weather for a jump.  I’ve heard my brother complain a lot about how he couldn’t fly one day because the wind wasn’t good.  So we booked an 8 AM jump for Monday.  We were lucky and weather was good for flying that day.

Jackson Hole Paragliding jumps off the mountain at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (located in Teton Village).  Since we were staying in Teton Village, it was a nice easy stroll over to the check-in location in the morning.  The mountain was a little windy that day, but luckily my husband was able to jump from the top (only happens about 10% of the time, other times they just jump for a location a little lower).  From what he told me, it was amazing.  The people taking you up paragliding will ask you if you’re okay with doing tricks before they do any.  My husband was up for anything.  So he got to do some “pond-skimming” where they swooped down near a pond.  They also skimmed near some trees.  And they as they came out from the mountain, Cade asked him if he wanted to do some tricks.  My husband said he was.  Cade let him know that if at any point he felt uncomfortable, just let him know, and he’d stop the tricks.  I got to see the tricks from the ground and it was incredible!  They first did a corkscrew followed by a flip!  Then they circled around us and came in for a landing.  Check out some of the pictures from his flight below. 

Jackson Hole Paragliding also take pictures and videos during the trip that you can purchase after.  They are pretty cool (I’m kicking myself that I don’t have them to attach to this post right now).  The pictures are taken from a camera that’s attached by an arm, so you get pictures and videos of yourself up in the air.  They also take a picture as you’re landing from the ground.

As a side note, if you ever go on an adventure sport, please tip the person who takes you up.  They see very little of what you pay to take the flight.  My brother told me that $20 is a nice tip and very much appreciated. 





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