Basketball Hall of Fame

My sister and her family were visiting us from North Carolina last weekend.  Her husband and her older son are huge basketball fans.  So going to the Basketball Hall of Fame was a must-do activity for their visit.  I had only been to the Basketball Hall of Fame one time before.  It was shortly after it moved to its new location in 2002.  They have made a lot of improvements in the last 9 years.

The Hall of Fame has several interactive exhibits.  One of them has a blue screen that you stand in front of and you play a virtual basketball game.  Another one tests to see how high you can jump to get a ball (like at tip-off).  And there’s another that allows you to be a sportscaster reading from a teleprompter.

And of course, there is a lot of memorabilia.  There are sections for coaches, college, professional and women’s basketball.  One of my favorite areas was the one dedicated to Michael Jordan.  They have a room where they play a video about his career.  They also have a wall of Air Jordans.

The main floor of the Hall of Fame is a basketball court.  One side has a bunch of hoops that show the progression of the hoop, starting with the peach basket.  On another side, they have a Slam Dunk area – there are 4 hoops set at different heights.

Overall, it was a really fun visit, even for someone who really isn’t into basketball like me.  And I know it was a blast for those who are big basketball fans!

Virtual Basketball


Jump for the Ball


Michael Jordan



Main Floor





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