Chase Freedom and Chase Sapphire Transferring

I wasn’t too keen on the Chase Sapphire card when it first came out.  I know that some people like the flexibility of using their points directly to buy any airline ticket.  In those cases, I just assume get the cash back instead.  I didn’t do much research into if the miles could be transferred to an airline program. 

However, I recently changed my mind and I’m thinking of getting the card for a couple of reasons.  First, you can transfer miles to Continental and British Airways.  Many people say they don’t want British Airways miles because of the fees they charge when traveling to Europe.  I happen to love British Airways miles, not for traveling to Europe, but rather for redeeming them on American Airlines in the US.  And they also allow unlimited stopovers which is a huge bonus.  The second reason I’m thinking of getting the card is you can transfer points between Chase Freedom accounts and Chase Sapphire accounts.  Why is this so good?  Chase Sapphire has more redemption options including the transfer to airlines.  Chase Freedom doesn’t have that.  And I happen to be sitting on quite a bit of points in a Chase Freedom account.  The way I see it that will approximately double their value because each Chase Freedom point is worth about 1 cent and I value airline miles at 2 cents.  So I may be up for getting the 50,000 sign-up bonus with Chase Sapphire after all. 

On another note, many people may be looking at all the economic news and fretting.  As long as your job is secure and you have good credit, this all may be a good thing for the travel hacking game.  I expect to see more big offers from the credit card companies as they try to entice people with good credit to sign up for their cards.


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  2. And just to update — United Airlines is now a 1:1 transfer partner…so all of us with Continental accounts can breathe easy this card will still have a great mile transfer partner.

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