Where to go next?

We were lucky to get a bump on our last trip which resulted in $2,000 in travel vouchers.  The vouchers have to be used within a year so I’m starting to think about where we want to go next.  We already have a trip to Hawaii planned for February of 2012.  And my husband said he only wants to go on that one vacation next year; he wants to spend more time at home over the summer.  So I’m looking at where to go for 2013.  Yes, I am a planner.

What’s nice about the vouchers is we aren’t fighting for the few frequent flyer seats on a flight.  That means I don’t need to wake up early to be on right when the schedule opens up.  But it does present some new issues.  Now I’m actually looking for best priced flights and how to time “buying” those tickets.  Before I get to answering that question, I need to figure where we’re going to go. 

We love Hawaii, but we’re thinking of going somewhere else.  We’d like to go somewhere where we don’t have to be on planes an entire day to get there.  We’re thinking about the U.S. Virgin Islands.  It’s funny that I lived in Puerto Rico for a year and a half but never made it to them.  I need to do some research on the different Caribbean Islands.  Anyone have a favorite one?


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