Wyoming – Boating

My husband loves boating.  He grew up in Vermont on Lake Champlain.  And both times we went to Wyoming, he wanted to go out on Jackson Lake.  The first time we were in Wyoming, we rented a canoe.  I remember it fondly.  We were on a tight budget (barely out of college), so we went to a grocery store and got Lunchables for our ride.  We had our lunch on the lake and also went over to an island beach.  It was a serene day.

This time, we rented a runabout from Signal Lake Lodge.  We went out twice.  There were hardly any other boats on Jackson Lake when we went.  Both times we brought lunch and had a little picnic on the lake.  The kids absolutely loved it!  It was $55/hour plus gas and well worth it.  You don’t need to be a licensed boater to rent one.  They will show you everything you need and meet you at the dock when you come back in.




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