Wyoming – Grand Tetons

 I love, love, love Grand Teton National Park.  I think that it is an often overlooked national park and people don’t give it the consideration that they should since Yellowstone is so close.  I do enjoy Yellowstone, but the 2 times we’ve been to Wyoming, I’ve found that we spent most of our time in the Tetons.  Why do I like it so much?

  • Size – Relatively speaking, it’s scale is more compact, especially when compared to Yellowstone (approximately 310,000 acres compared to 2.2 million acres).  And yet there is so much to do in the park.
  • Many differing levels of hiking - You can go on multi-day hikes or an hour or so hikes, both that take you to amazing places.
  • Wildlife - Many animals make the Grand Tetons your home.  While we were there on this trip, we saw moose, elk, mule deer, bison, and coyotes to name a few.  If there is a specific animal you want to see, ask a ranger at one of the Visitor Centers where’s the best place for viewing.  For example, if you want to see moose, you should look on the Moose-Wilson Road fairly close to the main Visitor Center.  We knew if we set out early in the morning, we were pretty much gauranteed that we would see one.
  • Water Activies – From swimming to canoeing to boating, there is so much to do on the lakes in the Tetons.
  • The Views – The Tetons are spectacular.  Because of how they were formed, you don’t have foothills and they appear to rise straight up out of the ground and lakes.
  • Proximity to Amenities – Grand Teton National Park is right outside Jackson, WY.  I loved that we could go to a regular grocery store.

Here are a few pictures as an overview to our trip to the Tetons.  This first picture is from the most popular hike in the Tetons.  The hike takes you to Hidden Falls (first picture) and Inspiration Point (second picture).  You can either take a ferry over to a trailhead at the bottom of the mountain or you can hike over from the South Jenny Lake Visitor Center.  Since the kids were joining us for the hike, we took the ferry over.



This was a bison we saw from the main road between the Grand Tetons and Yellowsone.


View from the road up Signal Mountain.



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