AA – South America to Hawaii Tack On Example

In a previous post, I talked about how you could tack on a free leg to Hawaii to a return trip from South America.  I posted about it on Milepoint and got a question about how exactly it worked.  So here are some screen shots.

You want to go to www.aa.com.  Check the Redeem AAdvantage Miles checkbox and click on the Multi-City hyperlink.


Next, you choose the South American city you are traveling back from and the US gateway city on the first leg.  On the second leg, you choose the US gateway city and the Hawaiian airport you want to go to.  Notice how I chose February 25 for my first flight and July 28 for my second.  After you’ve filled out the other fields according to your needs, click the Go button.


On the next screen, pick the dates you want to travel.  Notice that the Hawaiian leg has — in the box.  That means that it won’t cost you any miles to do that leg!  You can even see in the information box that American Airlines is telling you that “This international award allows a stopover at Miami – MIA for no additional miles.”  Click the flights you want for both legs and then click the Continue button.


Select the actual flights you want to take and then click Continue.


Fill out the final page, make your payment for taxes, and you’re on your way!  For 15,000 miles and about $66 dollar, you get a trip back from South America and a trip out to Hawaii!  Not bad at all.  You will need to book one-way award tickets to South America and back from Hawaii as well.  When you’re doing that, you can use this same type of technique to continue the cheap award travel.  Europe to any US city is the same cost (including Hawaii).  So on the return trip from Hawaii, you could, instead of just going back to your home, book a trip from Hawaii to a US gateway city with a stopover on your way to Europe.  Or you could go back to South America using the stopover trick.



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