Cheap Flights to Warsaw, Poland

My mother’s ancestry is 100% Polish.  My parents are thinking about taking a trip to Poland in the next year or two, so I’m always on the lookout for tickets to Poland or an airport close to Poland.  I found a thread on Flyertalk about flights between JFK and Warsaw, routing through Canadian cities for as low as $303 round-trip (including taxes/fees).  People have also had luck with BOS, DCA, ATL and LAX.  (Note: when they reference the Big O, they are talking about Orbitz.)  The flights are on Delta.  The travel dates that seem to be working are from November (including over Thanksgiving) through March timeframe.  Most of the routes go through Monteal, Toronto, or Vancouver and then Amsterdam on to Warsaw.  I did a search on several dates and was able to confirm that the prices are still available.

This is a great, cheap way to get butt in seat (EQM) miles while going on a wonderful trip.  You want to look for these flights using the multi-city search.  If you need someone to walk you through how to search for these flights, let me know.


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