Eric Carle Book Signing and Promotion

I’m so excited for Sunday!  It’s the Eric Carle pre-release booking signing of his new book, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.  I’m getting a few copies for family and I plan to give one to my boys’ art teacher.  I stopped by the library and picked up the museum pass yesterday.  I already pre-ordered my books so they will be waiting there for me.  Everything is all set…now we just have to wait until Sunday!

A little status update on the deal that I wrote about earlier.  Signing up for the promotion couldn’t have been easier.  I filled out the information on-line and got the email with the code and instructions on how to submit the “paperwork”.  I created PDF’s from my trips earlier this year to show that I stayed at several hotels this year and emailed them in.  A day or two later, I received an email saying that I was accepted into the program.  And yesterday I booked a hotel through for my college’s Alumni Weekend.  I applied the code when checking out and a message appeared stating it will take a few weeks for the free hotel night to show up.  I plan to use that in November or December for a little weekend getaway.  Maybe we’ll head up to Portland, Maine for some clam chowder at Gilbert’s Chowder House.  Yummy!

Sorry I haven’t had much to say about credit card promotions lately.  It’s just been really slow on the credit card front.  I keep checking to see if a new one (worth getting) has come up.

There is a US Airways Grand Slam Promotion going on right now.  I haven’t looked much into because I don’t think it will be worth it to me.  If you want to read more about it, check it out on the Million Mile Secrets site.  I really liked his summary.


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