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I read the following article on USA Today about phone apps for Disney World.  They talk about 3 apps that they liked to make your life easier when visiting the parks.  The apps they suggested were available on the iPhone.  I searched the Android Market and didn’t see them all.  So I searched the Android Market to see which ones had the highest rating.  I also read through the comments to see what suggestions readers had.  Here’s a summary:

  • Disney World Lines (Android – free, but to get all features you have to subscribe to www.touringplans.com for a year; I talked about this site in my Disney post) – This is an app by the people who write the Unofficial Guide to Disney and the web site www.touringplans.com.  It includes a crowd calendar to help you decide which park to visit on each day and wait times for the rides.  The people commenting on the USA Today article said this was the best app.  If you buy the Unofficial Guide book, you get a discount on the site.
  • Walt Disney World Pro (iPhone, $4.99) – see the article for a review
  • Disney World Magic Guide (iPhone, $4.99) – see the article for a review
  • Disney World Wait Times, Dining and Maps (iPhone – $3.99, Android – $.99, there is a lite version that is free on Android) – see the article for a review
  • Verizon’s Mobile Magic – (Android – free) The commenters who tried this app loved it.  I checked the Android Market and the reviews were mixed.  But hey, it’s free, so what have you got to lose?
  • Ridemax – ($15 app – yikes) The commenter on the article loved this app.  You can download it to your computer via www.ridemax.com and use it on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.  Here’s what he had to say about it: “You select the rides you plan on going on, the exact dates you’ll be at the park(s), and what time you plan on arriving & leaving – and this app maps the rides in the exact order you should go on them to avoid the lines. I did it for our trip to Disney 2 weeks ago – and it was amazing.. we hit the busiest rides early & late, and the slower rides in the middle of the day during “peak” times. Also tells you when to get a fastpass or not. Totally worth it!”

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  1. InACents says:

    Even though it really didn’t seem like they mentioned it, the third app in the USA Today article is put out by Undercover Tourist. They also have a free version of the app that is available that you might want to check out.

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