First off, you have to love the name of the next blog that I follow – InACents.  It’s such a clever name.  This blog is also another relative newcomer to the travel hacking blog community.  It was started approximately 9 months ago, but there are many reasons that I like this blog over some of the blogs that have been around longer.

  1. Family travel – Like me, this site takes into account that people with kids may travel differently than people without kids.  The way we go back collecting and using points and miles is different.  I don’t think many family travel hackers are going to fly first class most of the time.  Between my husband and I, we have to be able to cover 4 tickets, instead of 2.  This blogger totally gets that too.  I am so impressed that he is traveling with young kids.  When my kids were as young as his, we didn’t travel via air much at all.  Anyone who does it with young kids has my attention.
  2. Not just travel - Again, like Travel Savvy Family, this site doesn’t just focus on travel deals.  He also talks about other ways that you can save money.  For example, he had 2 posts on Home Buying and Selling Logistics and Lessons for Newbies and Novices.
  3. Screen shots – As I mentioned yesterday, I really appreciate any site that takes the time to create screen shots to help the readers understand what they are talking about.  It takes much longer to create a post with screen shots than without.  I gravitate to those that include screen shots.
  4. Activities – This goes along with the Family Travel and Not Just Travel bullets, but I love that he includes discounts on activities.  For example, he had posts about discounts for Legoland and Six Flags!
  5. He talks about his life – He’s living the travel hacking lifestyle.  He’s talking about how he is making it work for his family, including going on a trip to Hawaii and Disneyland – geez, we have a lot in common. :)

So check out InACents.  I have a section on the left side of the site where I’ll be keeping links to all of the blogs that I talk about.  You can use it to easily link to all of them.


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