Keep checking

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re heading to Disney.  We’re using transportation vouchers we got from being bumped from a flight to pay for the flight to Disney.  I called the American reservation desk earlier this week to book the flights.  After reserving the flights, you have to mail the vouchers to American to pay for the flights.  They give you 12 days to mail the vouchers in.  I haven’t mailed mine in yet because I want to be certain that there won’t be issues with my husband’s work schedule.  And since I had 12 days to send in the vouchers, there wasn’t a hurry.

I decided to check the price of the flights again today on the off chance that the price went down.  And to my surprise, it did!!  So I cancelled the reserversation that I made earlier (you can do this on-line).  I then searched the flights on-line and put a hold on the ones I wanted.  I called the reservation desk and gave them the record locator number.  They changed the status to purchased and gave me the instructions to send in the vouchers.  This exercise took me about 10 minutes saved us $500!!!  I’ll get that back in the form of a new voucher that will be good for 1 year.


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