Top Travel Credit Card Deals

I added a new page to my site: Top Credit Card Deals.  I pulled together a list of what I consider the best travel credit card offers to be right now.  It seems to be that the best sign-up bonuses are 50,000 miles or more now.  I’ve gathered more miles than I know what to do with so I’m only applying for cards that are 50,000 miles or more.  There are many more offers out there than what I listed.  And depending on your travel needs, you may think other offers are better to get you were you want to go.

I have been actively using credit card sign-up bonuses to help me travel for a little under 2 years now.  My husband has also applied for a few cards, but only the mega sign-up bonuses (like the British Airways 100,000 miles and American Airlines 75,000 miles).  We took our family of 4 to Hawaii and Wyoming this year.  And we are planning to go to Hawaii and Disney World next year.  Even with booking those trips, we still have over 500,000 miles/points across American Airlines, British Airways, United/Continental and Starwood hotels.  My point is that you can do it too if you are smart with your credit!  As I always say, don’t ruin your credit score to play this game, but if you are disciplined, your credit score can take you far.


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