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American Airlines Bankruptcy – What Will it Mean to Us?

It’s all over the news – American Airlines is entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  I’m sure many of you are wondering what it will mean to you.  In the short term, it probably isn’t going to mean much.  Your miles should not be affected.  If you have transportation vouchers, they should also be safe, but I personally wouldn’t take the chance with them.  (I obviously followed this advice when I used mine to book our trip to Disney.)  Besides they are only good for 1 year after issuance, so why not look into booking the trip now?  Here are some changes I do expect:

  • American will look for concessions from their employees.
  • The employees will likely try to fight it and argue that the executives make too much.
  • Flights on less profitable routes will be cut.
  • Another airline (possible USAirways) will merge with them.
  • In the short term, American may cut prices to entice people to continue to fly with them during this time of uncertainty.

I highly doubt that American Airlines will go under, but stranger things have happened.  This is all about American Airlines getting control of their operating costs.  They are the last of the legacy carriers to go through bankruptcy.  This will give them an opportunity to get their operating costs down.

Personally, I wouldn’t increase my holdings in American AAdvantage miles.  If you’re booking a trip in the near future, consider using your AAvantage miles before say United or Delta.  But I certainly wouldn’t panic.

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Chase Ink Bold – 50,000 Point Bonus – New Link

The prediction from Darius at Million Mile Secrets has been confirmed by Lucky at One Mile at a Time – The Chase Ink Bold 50,000 point sign-up bonus has not gone away.  Chase has just made a few changes to the benefits to put it in line with the Chase Sapphire (personal) card.  Here is the new link.  I also suggest reading the One Mile at a Time blog post for today.  It gives a great overview of why Chase Ultimate Reward points are very valuable.

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Cyber Monday, Chase Ink Bold

Chase Ink Bold

According to Chase’s application, today is the last day to get the Chase Ink Bold 50,000 point sign-up bonus.  This card is a business card.  Darius from Million Mile Secrets is questioning whether the deal will really be pulled.  And he sites some good reasons for his scepticium.  If you don’t want to gamble though, you should put in your application today.  You get the points after spending $5,000 on the card within the first 3 months.  The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year.

Cyber Monday Starwood Deal

Starwood Hotels is offering 15 – 35% off some of their hotels for reservations made today through December 2 for stays through April 30, 2012.  The hotel that is getting a lot of buzz is Westin Laungamar Ocean Resort Villas.  I saw it on the Today Show this morning and it’s also on the One Mile at a Time blog.  Lucky is saying he’s finding rooms for $11 US.  I’m sure it’s not going to last at that price.

Christmas Quote

Here’s your Christmas quote for today: “I don’t care if the turkey said the dog was a turkey! The dog is not the turkey! The turkey’s the turkey, you turkey!”

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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was a huge success for us!  Our local toy store, Over the Rainbow Toys, was participating.  They also were running a 20% off your entire purchase sale!  I used my 2 Amex cards at this store.  They only have 3 store locations in Connecticut.  It’s amazing to me that a local toy store can stay in business with all of the big box retailers.  The store focuses on service and community.  They gift wrap every present for free.  And they give back to the community.  I run Bingo Night for my boys’ school every year.  This store donates several toys for our prize table.  I bought 2 Lego Star Wars sets and 2 Lego mini-figures for their stockings.  I will end up spending $5 out of pocket.  Sweet!

My husband used his Amex credit to buy wine at our local liquor store.  Every year we have a holiday party at our house for our kids’ friends and their parents.  My friend and I make gingerbread houses for all of the kids to decorate and take home with them.  We also have an ornament exchange for the kids.  This year, we decided to add a fun activity for the parents.  So we are having an ugly sweater contest!  The winner will win a bottle of wine thanks to Amex.

We also set up the boys’ Christmas tree today.  I got the tree from Ocean State Job Lots, which is a discount store in the Northeast.  I wasn’t expecting the highest quality tree, considering I only paid $25 for it.  But I thought that would be perfect for the boys’ room.  They loved decorating their tree!  I have to say that I love the Charlie Brown tree.

Every post until Christmas, I will include a quote from a Christmas special or movie.  See if you can guess what it’s from.  I have 2 for you today:

  • “You smell like beef and cheese. You don’t smell like Santa.”
  • “And on a dark cold night, under full moonlight, he flies into the fog like a vulture in the sky!”

Setting Up the Tree

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and wonderful company!  I did some Black Friday shopping with 2 of my friends.  I really needed to get some new clothes for the boys so we went to Old Navy.  I find it a lot easier to buy clothes for them at the store than on-line.  I didn’t do a lot of other shopping.  The kids haven’t asked for much and I think I can find better deals on Slickdeals

I got a few great deals already on Slickdeals.  I like to use this time of year to stock up our birthday present closet.  Whenever I find good deals on kids toys, I buy them.  Then when the kids have a birthday party to attend, I let them pick something out of the closet.

We also got our Christmas tree today!  We go to a tree farm near our house where you get to cut down the tree yourself.  It was especially pleasant this year because the weather was unusually warm.  Every year, we watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story when we decorate the tree.  And decorating the tree is very special for us.  We buy ornaments whenever we go on vacation.  So we get to remember all of our vacations as we decorate the tree.

Also after New Year’s, I check the Hallmark store every day to catch when the ornaments go 75% off.  That usually happens less than a week after New Years.  I buy many ornaments.  I let the boys pick out a couple for themselves.  And I save a couple for our annual holiday party at our house where we have an ornament exchange.

This year we are starting a new tradition.  We bought the boys an artificial Christmas tree.  We’re going to keep it in their room.  And we are letting them decorate it with all of the ornaments we’ve collected for them over the years.

I hope you all have a great holiday season!  Make sure you check Slickdeals a lot.  You can even set up email alerts if you’re looking for something specific.  And I’m sure Woot will have a Woot-off on Monday!

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