Connecticut Storm Damage

Frustration with Connecticut Light and Power is palpable.  We are now on Day 5 without power.  This is the second time in about a 2-months time that many Connecticut residents will be without power for a week.  When Irene hit, were without city power for 6 days.  We were fortunate to have a generator so we aren’t bad off.  But I feel for the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t.  People also had an easier time coping with the power outage with Irene because it was warmer.  The temperatures have dipped into the 20s and 30s at night during this storm. 

Here are pictures from my neighborhood.  There are only a few hundred houses in the neighborhood and you can see we have a lot of trees down.  We are by no means unique.  There are many, many neighborhoods like this in Connecticut.  75% of our town is still without power.  There are other towns that are still near 100% without power.  People are so frustrated because you would think that CL&P would have prepared better after the devastation from Irene.  Crews from outside the state are finally coming.  Although we’re hearing that many didn’t want to come because some of them still haven’t been paid for their work after Irene.  I can’t blame them, but please don’t punish the people of Connecticut for the actions of CL&P.

One of 3 entrances to our neighborhood – tree across road and power lines


Neighbor’s house that caught on fire – No one was in the house at the time the fire broke out (around midnight).  They are saying that they think that painters who were painting the house made a fire in the fireplace to keep warm and that fire caused the fire after they left for the day.



One of the major roads through the neighborhood – 2 trees are across the street.  People are driving between the trees and onto someone’s lawn to get through



Trees on lines – the first 2 are about 5 house down from our house







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