Free $25 – Amex Small Business Saturday

I’m so happy to say that American Express is continuing their Small Business Saturday this year.  This program gives registered American Express cardholders a $25 credit when they spend at least $25 at a small business on Saturday, November 26 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving).  You must register your American Express card prior to that date.  Here is the link.  It’s not clear if they will limit the number of people who can register, so register early.  You can register each of your American Express cards.  There is a limit of 1 credit per card, but you can register as many cards as you have.  This could be quite nice for those of you with multiple American Express cards.

I participated in this program last year and it worked great.  There is a locally owned toy store in my town that takes American Express.  So I bought a Harry Potter Lego game for the boys.  And there was no issues with the credit posting.

Still No Power

I’m still without city power.  We’re running on a generator.  Earlier this week, we lost phone and internet too, but luckily that’s back.  I’ll try to keep posting this week but I’ll have to take it day by day.


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