Free Folded Holiday Cards (15 per email account)

Here is another site where you can get free holiday cards. has 2 different promotions.  The first is for 5 free cards and the second is for 10.  Make sure you do the 5 free cards first because it’s for new users.  You simply enter your email address and the site will give you a code for the 5 free cards.  To get 10 free, just use coupon code HAPPY10FREE at checkout.

So you can get 15 free cards per email address.  These are completely free – no shipping charges.  You don’t even have to enter a credit card number for the offer.

What I love about these deals is that you can get folded cards for free!  That allows you to include a message on the inside.  There are many designs and layouts for each of the sides of the cards.  I created one that had 5 pictures on the front, 4 on the left side of the inside of the card, a message on the right side, and 3 pictures on the back.  There are 3 types of paper finish you can choose – satin, matte and textured matte.  I suggest the textured matte.  You get lined cards which you can customize the liner.  They will also print a return address on the envelopes. 

All of this is free!  I’m not sure of the expiration date for the 5 free cards offer.  The 10 free card offer ends on November 21.


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