Status on Vouchers and Promotion

During our trip to Wyoming over the summer, we were bumped from one of our flights and got $2,000 in travel vouchers on American.  I used those vouchers to book a trip to Disney for our family.  When I was redeeming the vouchers, I was nervous about a couple of things.  First, I wanted to make sure that they didn’t charge taxes and fees on the flights (because I had heard some people have had that happen).  Second, I was nervous about sending essentially $2,000 in the mail.  Here’s how vouchers work on American Airlines.  You find the tickets you want.  You can do this through their web site or through the reservation phone number.  You don’t purchase the tickets on the web site if you find them there.  You simply place a hold on them.  Then call the reservation number listed on the voucher.  They will mark the tickets as “purchased” and give you instructions on mailing the vouchers in (you have about 2 weeks to mail in the vouchers).  When they receive the vouchers and process them, the status of your tickets will change to “ticketed”.  If there is any value left from the vouchers, American will mail you another voucher with that value on it.  You will have 1 year from that issue date to use the new voucher.  To make sure they took off the fees and taxes, I wrote a note stating I wanted them taken off because I was using tax exemption vouchers when I mailed in the travel vouchers.  I’m happy to say our tickets are now in the ticketed status and I’ve received the new voucher back.  And they did take off the taxes and fees (although there was still a minor fee).

Also this Fall, I participated in the Key Card Collector promotion.  You got 1 free night after submitting proof you’ve stayed at 3 hotels this year and after you completed 1 night booking through  I completed our stay when we went to my college’s Alumni Weekend.  The free night didn’t post right away.  I emailed customer service to ask them when it would post.  They emailed back saying it would take 4 – 6 weeks, but the very next day it posted!  Now I just need to figure out where we’re going to use it.


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