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Bummed that you missed out on the British Airways 100,000 mile offer back in 2009/2010?  If so, this may be for you.  There is an offer floating around for 50,000 miles after first purchase, another 25,000 after you spend $10,000 on the card in the first year and another 25,000 after you spend another $10,000 on the card in the first year.  This is the card that many frequent flyer bloggers have been touting because they get a referral bonus for it.  I won’t even put a link for it because there’s an even better offer out there.  I give credit to Darius from Million Mile Secrets for actually talking about this offer.

The other offer you can get is 50,000 miles after first purchase and another 50,000 miles on your first anniversary.  You will have to spend 2 annual fees (total of $150), but I think that’s well worth it to get 100,000 miles.  You can read about how to get the offer in this Flyertalk thread.  Essentially, you have to pretend like you’re going to purchase a ticket on British Airways web site.  A credit card offer link will come up when you’re going to the payment options.  It will have buttons that say you’re going to purchase with the new card, but you don’t actually have purchase the flights after doing the credit card application. 

I can’t personally verify that this works because I’ve already had the British Airways card.  I could verify that the offer came up, but I can’t apply for the card because I’ll get denied for already having it.

I’m a big fan of British Airways points for shorter haul trips when redeeming on partner airlines.  We are traveling to Ireland next Spring using British Airways miles (redeemed on Aer Lingus).  We’ve also used British Airways miles on American Airlines to go to Hawaii (before they changed their award chart).

So if you haven’t already gotten the British Airways credit card, this is definitely something to consider.


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  2. Realistically, though, while the new bonus isn’t as lucrative as the earlier one—which at the time I called the most generous such offer I’d ever seen—it’s still substantial. And British Airways and Chase, the card issuer, have added a new benefit to the card that potentially boosts its value significantly: no foreign currency transaction fees. That makes the British Airways card the first and only airline-affiliated card to waive those fees, although on the hotel side, both the InterContinental Priority Club and Hyatt Gold Passport Visa cards, also issued by Chase, have a similar benefit.

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