We’re Going to Ireland!

We finally booked our flights for next year’s Spring Break.  We’re going to Ireland!  Our last several trips have been warm weather destinations – Hawaii twice, Wyoming in the summer and Disney World. 

We were originally thinking of going to Belize based on my cousin’s recommendation.  We were going to use American Airlines miles because they are the best deal when traveling to Belize (it would have only been 30,000 miles round-trip).  However, as a mentioned in a post recently, I think that American Airlines is limiting award tickets within the US so I couldn’t find any availability. 

When that didn’t seem to be working, I began looking at other locations.  I still wanted to use our American Airlines miles because I wanted to save our United miles for a future summer trip to Europe and our British Airways miles for trips to NC.  I found some availability to Caribbean locations out of JFK but none of the islands excited me.

Then I saw a post on The Points Guy where he talked about redeeming British Airways miles on Aer Lingus between Boston and Dublin for only 25,000 miles round-trip!  Nearly 13 years ago, my husband and I took a trip to Ireland years ago, 2 weeks before our wedding (he had a work conference).  We called it our pre-wedding honeymoon.  It was fantastic to get away before the wedding – I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning their wedding.  We had an amazing time and were talking about when we could go back before we even left.  But life happens (work, house, kids) and we haven’t made it back.  We’re so happy that we are finally making the trip back and the boys are thrilled for their first trip out of the country!  Plus one of my husband’s cousins married an Irishman and moved there so we’ll get to see family while we’re there.

Now the real planning starts.  We need to get passports for the kids and figure out where we want to go.  I imagine it will be a much different trip than the last time we went.  But I’m excited to show the boys where some of my ancestors came from.  And, come on, what little boy doesn’t want to go see some castles?


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