Getting Points for Father’s Day Purchases

Whenever you’re buying something on-line, you should always check to see if a frequent flyer program will give you miles for your purchase through their shopping program.  Yesterday, I was looking to buy a deck box as part of a Father’s Day gift for my husband.  We looked at Home Depot and Amazon before finding one that we liked at 

Before purchasing it on-line (with pick-up at our local store), I checked the American Airlines and United shopping portals to see if they offered any miles for purchases at  American didn’t offer any miles.  However, United was running a promotion for Father’s Day.  Instead of the normal 2 miles per dollar, they were offering 6 miles per dollar.  Other notable offers for Father’s Day on United are:

  • 9 miles/$ at Cabela’s (normally 3 miles/$)
  • 18 miles/$ at Omaha Steaks (normally 6 miles/$)
  • 6 miles/$ at Macy’s (normally 2 miles/$)

It was a very simple way to earn extra points for something we were already planning on purchasing.  It will also extend the expiration date on our miles.


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