My First Churn

One of the first questions that someone in the travel hacking game will have is what is a churn?  A credit card churn is when you apply for a credit card you’ve already had to get another sign-up bonus.  Most credit cards are not churnable.

Some of the first cards that I got when I started this game two and a half years ago were the American Airlines personal cards.  I’ve heard of people having success re-applying for these cards after about 18 months and I was reminded of that on yesterday’s Million Mile Secret’s post.  (Check out the post, it has some great information in it.)

I’ve been trying to figure out which card to apply for next and the 50,000 mile American Airlines sign-up bonus is one of the best ones out there (there is are Visa, Amex and Business versions of the card).  After confirming that I believe we can meet the spending requirements of the 2 cards (one Visa, one Amex), I decided to apply for both of them.  I could have used the 2-browser trick that Daraius talks about in his post.  But instead, I just used 2 computers and submitted the applications at the same time.  And I’m happy to say that I was approved for both cards!

After spending $3,000 on the card within 4 months, you get 50,000 miles, 1 Companion Pass for paid tickets and $100 statement credit for an eligible American Airlines purchase (e.g. a food purchase on the plane, baggage fee, etc).  Here are the links for the Citicard Visa and the Citicard American Express. I’m taking American Airlines down to North Carolina near the end of the month, so I’ll be able to meet the eligible American Airlines purchase part of the deal too and get the $100 statement credit!

We’re on our way to another 100,000 American Airlines miles!  And it’s great to see that I was able to get a bonus from a card that I’ve had before. 

The further you get in this game, the less cards are available to you because you’ve already had them.  I try to reserve my applications to the best deals.  As a result, I’m applying for far fewer than a lot of bloggers.  But I don’t want to miss out on an amazing deal in the future because I’ve already had the card that has the amazing deal.


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