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Without Power Again

It’s like Irene all over again. Nearly my entire town (98%) is without power. Not sure when I can post again.

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Where Would You Go?

Do you have a bucket list?  If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Think about it; write it down.  As you go down the travel hacking road, you’ll want a list of places you want to go.  When I was younger, before travel hacking, my list was much smaller.  I wanted to visit all of the U.S. states.  I figured that I should try to visit Hawaii and Alaska when I was younger because I could visit the others without flying.

Now that’s I’ve been travel hacking for awhile, my list has gotten longer.  I still have my original goal and I’ve now included taking our kids to all 50 states as part of the goal and many more destinations.  I printed out a map of the U.S. for each of them so they could color in the states that they’ve been to.  We also try to instill in them the fact that many people are not as lucky as they are.  I told them that I was 17 before I took a trip on an airplane.  I’m hoping that traveling will open their eyes to different cultures. 

My husband and I went to a wedding in Canada years ago.  We were only or one of the only Americans at the wedding.  And we were asked one question I will never forget – Why don’t Americans travel (outside the U.S.)?  We told them that although we don’t have the same feeling, we believed it was because there are so many places to visit in the U.S. (from mountains to beaches to deserts), that many people don’t see the need to go outside the U.S.  I also think that many people don’t have the finances or want to spend what it costs to travel outside the U.S.  The good news is that if you travel hack, traveling outside the U.S. is much more reasonable!

Make your list because you’ll be surprised how fast you can collect miles.  And you’ll be on your way to inexpensive travel!  For example, this coming year, our airfare and hotel for our trips to Maui and Disney this year are nearly completely free.  We are paying a grand total of $115 for our trip to Maui and $60 for Disney and we’re even staying on resort property!

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Win a Trip to Anywhere American Airlines Flies

American Airlines and Frommer’s are running a promotion where 3 winners will 280,000 American Airlines miles.  The promotion is very easy to enter.  Follow this link.  Choose a destination to explore and add places you’d like to explore.  The web site will then take you on a virtual tour to those places.  And it’s as easy as that.  Each email address may enter 3 times.  The promotion is running from October 17 – December 14, 2011.  You can earn an additional entry if you purchase a ticket after testing the promotion.

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Posting more soon

Sorry I’ve been fairly absent lately.  I was gearing up for my college’s alumni weekend this past weekend.  It was a fabulous weekend.  I went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute which is in Troy, NY (just outside of Albany, NY).  The drive was beautiful with all of the leaves changing.  The weather was fairly crisp but definitely bearable.  It was so nice to visit with old friends - one from my consulting days and several from my college days.  One of the coolest parts of the weekend was a talk by the lead of team that built IBM’s Watson.  IBM Watson was the computer competed on Jeopardy against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings.  Call me a super-geek but I absolutely loved hearing about how the IBM team did it.

Of course, I did use this weekend to further my travel goals.  Awhile back ran a promotion where they would give you a free night.  You had to submit proof that you stayed at 3 hotels this year and then you had to book at least one night through this year.  I used this weekend as my one night through  Now we’re thinking of taking a trip to the Cape with our free night.

I’ll get back to posting more now that things are getting a little less crazy.  Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about.

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Award Wallet Discount Code

If you who want to try out the upgraded version of Award Wallet, a discount code is posted in this Flyertalk thread.  I’m not listing the code because I believe if you use it, you should post a thank you to the person who posted it in the thread.  It appears that only one person has used it as of the time of this post and there are 10 available.

Award Wallet is a web site that helps you keep track of all of your loyalty program points/miles.  The free version will keep track of when miles are expiring for 3 accounts (it will tell you the balance of any others; just not when those miles are expiring).  It also keeps track of upcoming itineraries on those accounts.

I do use Award Wallet.  It makes tracking your miles much easier.

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