Coast to Coast Airfare Sale

Travelzoo’s Top 20 had an incredible deal on coast to coast flights.  The sale is for flights between January 31 and May 16.  The best fares can be found on Mondays – Wednesdays (but you can also find them on other days).  I was so surprised to see that these fares were available during our February vacation.  For example, there was a fare of $171 all in for a round-trip between NYC and Portland, OR!  Flights between NYC and Los Angeles were just under $300 round-trip.

If you were ever interested in trying out a mileage run, this would be a perfect opportunity.  These are great fares if you’re going to pay for a vacation.

Some of the sales may end as soon as January 19, so don’t wait.  Also Travelzoo Top 20 deals tend to sell out very fast.

Sample West Coast Fares (each way):
  • Portland-New York … $64
  • Los Angeles-Fort Lauderdale … $99
  • San Francisco-Baltimore … $129
  • Los Angeles-Orlando … $129
  • San Francisco-Orlando … $129
  • Phoenix-Tampa … $129
  • Los Angeles-New York … $134
  • San Diego-Boston … $139
  • Seattle-Boston … $139
  • Palm Springs-New York … $139
Sample East Coast Fares (each way):
  • New York-Portland … $64
  • Fort Lauderdale-Los Angeles … $99
  • Baltimore-San Francisco … $129
  • Washington, D.C.-Los Angeles … $129
  • New York-San Francisco … $129
  • New York-Los Angeles … $134
  • Philadelphia-San Diego … $135
  • Boston-San Diego … $139
  • Boston-Seattle … $139
  • New York-Palm Springs … $139
  • Newark-Portland … $146

Sample Midwest & Texas Fares (each way):

  • Chicago-New York … $51
  • St. Louis-Orlando … $59
  • Kansas City-San Diego … $59
  • Cincinnati-Boston … $59
  • Cleveland-Baltimore … $59
  • Houston-New Orleans … $59
  • Indianapolis-Atlanta … $59
  • Dallas-Las Vegas … $61
  • San Antonio-San Diego … $74
  • Chicago-San Francisco … $99

Fares listed are each way, available on multiple airlines, and often are valid in either direction.


NYC – Dublin – $414 (Round-trip, including taxes)

I am loving this deal that I saw on Travelzoo today.  It’s $414 round-trip from NYC to Dublin with dates through March.  Too bad I already have all of my winter travel plans done.  I absolutely love Ireland.  We went there 2 weeks before we got married.  My husband had a business trip so his flight, car and hotel were paid for.  We got to spend a long weekend there.  It was back in the day where most people didn’t have cell phones so it was so nice to be unreachable during the craziness right before our wedding.  We called it our pre-wedding honeymoon.

The landscape is amazing.  It is so green; pictures just do not give it justice.  And the people were so nice!  I remember we went on a tour bus in Dublin and the operator said that they love Americans because nearly all Americans have some Irish in them.  (It also didn’t hurt that my maiden name is Irish.)

We started in the middle of the country (Carrick-on-Shannon) where the conference was being held.  What was great about going over there for a conference is that the locals took us around.  One of the nights they took us to a local pub in the countryside.  There is no way you would find it if you weren’t with locals.  When we walked into the pub, there was a band of older men singing traditional Irish songs.  They even told us folklore stories of the area.  Another night, we took a cruise on the Shannon river.

I’ll have to spend a few posts talking about Ireland some day.  It is such an incredible place!  If you haven’t been, put it on your list!


Trip Across the U.S.

We have been so fortunate to take some amazing vacations because of this travel hacking game.  So I think my next vacation plan may surprise since it doesn’t involve flying.  As I wrote in my first post, when I was about 8 years old, my entire family (excluding my oldest sister) took a trip across the country.  Can you imagine taking a trip across the country with 2 adults and 10 kids in a van.  Here are a couple of pictures from the trip.  Can you pick me out of the crowd?

Now that our kids are getting older and at the request of my sister-in-law, I’m thinking we should take a trip across the country.  I’m hoping that it will be us and my husband’s twin’s family (and any other family members who would like to join us).  My sister-in-law has wanted to take this kind of trip as long as she can remember.

We know that it will take some serious planning so we’re thining of taking the trip the summer of 2013.  I have to put some a lot of thought into what we want to do and see and that may dictate our route.  Personally, I want my kids to see the Grand Canyon, the Rockies and Mount Rushmore.  What a great way to teach the kids about the U.S. and for them to get a different perspective on life.  And I’d like to sneak in some visits with friends along the way.  A lot of my dad’s family lives in California, so I definitely want to see them.  And we have some friends in Colorado we’d like to visit.

I’m going to do some research on if there are web sites to help plan a trip across the U.S. and I’ll share what I find.  I’m hoping that some of my readers will have suggestions on places we should visit.

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Alaska Airlines Award Availability on American’s Web Site

Million Mile Secrets has a great post today about Alaska Airlines award ticket availability on  I find award tickets to Alaska to be some of the hardest to get the lowest award redemption on, so this should make it a lot easier to find some.

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United Explorer 60k Offer is Finally Out

The United Explorer 60,000 offer is finally out!  Even though they are marketing as a 60k offer, I say it’s really a 50k offer.  Here are the details:

  • 50,000 miles after first purchase
  • An additional 10,000 miles if you spend $25,000 on the card in the first year
  • No annual fee the first year ($95/year after that)
  • Check your first bag for free
  • Enjoy priority boarding priviledges
  • 2 United Club passes per year
  • Earn double miles on United purchases

Some fine print you want to check before you apply:  This one-time bonus offer is only valid for first-time United MileagePlus Explorer cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing United Airlines cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. United MileagePlus Explorer cardmembers will only receive one 50,000 bonus miles award if they apply for both the United Explorer Card and the Continental OnePass Plus Card after 7/19/2011. 

Now the link for the offer is a little trickier than others.  You want to go to and log into your account.  When you log into your account, you may see the offer show up on the right side of the screen (I did see it).  If you only see the 40,000 mile offer, do not click on it.  Instead click on this link

You can also try this link:

As with all applications, make sure you take screenshots of each step of your application.  Make sure you have one of the offer page.

Update: I just checked some of the blogs I follow and Darius from Million Mile Secrets also has a great post on this offer.  You can find it here.

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