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First Quarter American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards

There Citicard American Airlines credit card comes with a nice benefit.  Every quarter, Citicard puts out a list of destinations you can travel to using only 17,500 miles for a round-trip flight.  To get one of these 17,500 mile trips, you need to:

  • Have a Citicard American Airlines credit card in the same name as the frequent flyer account you are redeeming miles from
  • A MileSAAver award(s) must be available for the route you want to take

Here is a link to the destinations for this quarter by credit card.  Here’s a the full list if you don’t want to click on each region individually.

First quarter awards are valid for round trip travel originating in the 48 contiguous United States. Booking is valid December, 2011 – March 31, 2012 for travel from January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012. All travel must be completed by March 31, 2012. To claim your award, or for more information, call American Airlines AAdvantage® Reservations at 1-800-882-8880.

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American Airlines Bankruptcy – What Will it Mean to Us?

It’s all over the news – American Airlines is entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  I’m sure many of you are wondering what it will mean to you.  In the short term, it probably isn’t going to mean much.  Your miles should not be affected.  If you have transportation vouchers, they should also be safe, but I personally wouldn’t take the chance with them.  (I obviously followed this advice when I used mine to book our trip to Disney.)  Besides they are only good for 1 year after issuance, so why not look into booking the trip now?  Here are some changes I do expect:

  • American will look for concessions from their employees.
  • The employees will likely try to fight it and argue that the executives make too much.
  • Flights on less profitable routes will be cut.
  • Another airline (possible USAirways) will merge with them.
  • In the short term, American may cut prices to entice people to continue to fly with them during this time of uncertainty.

I highly doubt that American Airlines will go under, but stranger things have happened.  This is all about American Airlines getting control of their operating costs.  They are the last of the legacy carriers to go through bankruptcy.  This will give them an opportunity to get their operating costs down.

Personally, I wouldn’t increase my holdings in American AAdvantage miles.  If you’re booking a trip in the near future, consider using your AAvantage miles before say United or Delta.  But I certainly wouldn’t panic.

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Citicard American Airlines 50,000 Mile Offer

Citicard has come out with a slightly different 50,000 mile offer that is valid until January 31, 2012.  It’s not all that different than the existing offer

  • Both offers come with a 50,000 miles sign-up bonus. 
  • You get the bonus after spending $2,500 within 4 months with the existing offer.  You get the bonus after spending $3,000 within 4 months with the new offer. 
  • Both cards come with 2 Admiral Club One-Day passes. 
  • The new offer gives you a $150 credit if you make an eligible American Airlines purchase in the first 12 months – $150 Statement Credit: $150 Off as a statement credit offer is only valid for first-time Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers who apply pursuant to this offer for an account. The $150 will appear as a billing statement credit from Citi® after you make your first eligible purchase with the card within 12 months of cardmembership, for items billed by American Airlines as merchant of record. Products or services that do not qualify are car rentals, hotel reservations, American Airlines VacationSM packages, purchases of American Airlines AAdvantage® miles, duty-free purchases, and AA CargoSM products and services.
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15 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar Donated to USO through 11/11/11

This is a topic near and dear to me.  I have several brothers-in-law who currently serve in the military.  Following The Frugal Travel Guy’s tradition, I ask that you consider how you could donate to help our military personnel and their families.  We have all saved tons of money through travel hacking.  It would be nice to give some of what we saved to help out people who have served our country and allowed us the freedoms we enjoy.  There are so many ways you can help.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Donate money - As the topic of this post says, you can donate to the USO through 11/11/11 and American Airlines will give you 15 miles per dollar you donate (instead of the usual 10).  Here is the link.  Not only is this a great cause, but it can also help top off your account and extend the life of your miles.
  • Send a care package – There are many organizations you can donate the care package through.  When my brother-in-law was over in Iraq, my sister sent us a list of items they would like.  The list included simple things like toiletries, food, and magazines.  It also included video games, which I had never thought about before.  You could either contact a local base and find out what the troops need or you check out Military.com for a list of sites.
  • Buy a drink or meal for military personnel when you see them out - I love this idea.  When you travel, I’m sure you see military personnel in the airport.  Stop them, ask them if you can buy them a drink, snack, meal, or book, and thank them for their service.  If you prefer to be more anonymous, if you see military personnel at a restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress if you can pay their bill.
  • If you’re in first class, consider giving your seat to a serviceman/servicewomen - On our last trip to Hawaii, I was lucky enough to actually see someone do this.  We were traveling from Los Angeles to Hawaii, which we all know is a long flight.  It was a late evening flight, so I’m sure most people were going to sleep for a lot of it.  And being in first class would definitely help.  We were sitting near the back of the plane and there was a serviceman across the aisle from us.  Before the plane took off, the flight attendant went to the serviceman and told him that someone if first class was giving up her seat so he could sit there.  It was one of the much touching things I had ever seen.  He was so grateful.  As he went to the front of the plane, everyone was clapping and thanking him for his service.  And when the woman from first class came back, everyone was clapping for her.  The flight attendants and the pilot personally thanked her.  Her response was that it was the right thing to do.  The flight attendant told her that he almost never sees it happen.  He said that she could have whatever she wanted during the flight.  They served her everything that she would have received in first class.  I was honored to see such kindness on our flight.
  • Don’t forget the families – Imagine if your spouse had to leave for a year and you knew they were going to be in harms way for that year.  Imagine how hard that would be on you and your family.  Think of how much the service person would miss that year.  The amount that the families give up to support our troops is unbelievable to me.  Don’t forget them.  If you know someone whose spouse is overseas, ask them how you can help.  Offer to babysit so they can get some much needed alone time.  Offer to bring food over.  Offer to help them drive their kids to events.  Be there to listen.

As we approach Veteran’s Day, I want to say thank you to all of those who have served our country and the families who supported them.

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Win a Trip to Anywhere American Airlines Flies

American Airlines and Frommer’s are running a promotion where 3 winners will 280,000 American Airlines miles.  The promotion is very easy to enter.  Follow this link.  Choose a destination to explore and add places you’d like to explore.  The web site will then take you on a virtual tour to those places.  And it’s as easy as that.  Each email address may enter 3 times.  The promotion is running from October 17 – December 14, 2011.  You can earn an additional entry if you purchase a ticket after testing the promotion.

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