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50% Bonus on Transfers from Amex to British Airways

It’s all over the blogs this week.  I’m posting it in case you don’t read many others.  Until May 31, 2012, you will get a 50% bonus when you transfer Membership Rewards points from American Express to British Airways.  The Points Guy has a great post on examples of good ways to use British Airways miles.

I have family in NC and could travel there for 9,000 point round-trip if I redeem the British Airways Avios on American Airlines.  I had a few Membership Rewards sitting around that I wasn’t sure what to do with.  Now I think I know what to do with them.

Another nice thing about Membership Rewards is that you can generally transfer the points to other people’s accounts if you do the transfer on-line.  So if you’re feeling extra nice today, maybe you could transfer the points to some friends or family.  Think of the experiences you could give to people by transfering a few thousand points.  Any trip that has a air miles distance of 650 or less is only 9,000 miles round-trip.  Remember that each segment has to be calculated separately.  So British Airways miles aren’t great if you have many connections.  (You can check out this post of mine if you need more of an explanation.)

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Amex Membership Rewards – Possible 40,000 Extra Points

For those of you who got the 50,000 point sign-up bonus Amex Gold card this past May, you may want to check your Membership Rewards balance.  Some people (including me – yea!) just had an extra 40,000 points deposited into their accounts.  If you recall, the original offer was 10,000 points after first purchase and another 40,000 points after $500 spend.  However, it turned out the offer was targeted (which most people didn’t realize when they applied).  Before I called to activate the card, I checked with a customer representative to make sure the offer was still the same as what I applied for.  They said they couldn’t offer it to me because it was targeted, but they did say they’d give me 40,000 points as good customer service. 

At this same time, many other people got American Express to bump the signing bonus to 100,000 points based on a different offer code that was floating around at the time.  From what I’m reading on the different blog sites, people who didn’t bump their offer to the 100,000 point offer are seeing an extra 40,000 points in their account this week.  Now there is no guarantee that they won’t pull these 40,000 points back, but hey, it will be awfully nice if they don’t.  Do not call American Express about this.  If it is a mistake, you’d be alerting them to it and I guarantee they will pull the points back.

And another thing you might want to consider this week is transferring your Membership Rewards to Continental Airlines.  Amex’s relationship with Continental is ending on September 30.  And those Continental miles will then transfer into United when the United/Continental merger is complete.

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Membership Reward 50% Bonus on Transfer to British Airways

Awhile back I talked about the promotion that Amex Membership rewards was running on transfers to British Airways.  The promotion ends on 7/31 and gives you a 50% bonus points on transfers.  I got in on the 50k Amex Gold deal in June so I had some Membership Reward points.  I don’t plan on keeping the Amex card after the year is up because I don’t want to pay the annual fee. 

There were 2 offers out there for Membership Rewards right now – one for British Airways and one for Delta.  You could get a 40% bonus with Delta if you transfer at least 50,000 miles.  I don’t like Delta miles.  They are hard to redeem for lower cost rewards.

I really like British Airways miles.  As I’ve stated in previous posts, I will not use British Airways miles for travel to Europe because of the fees that British Airways charges on those flights.  I like British Airways miles for travel on their partner airlines which includes American Airlines.  British Airways also allows unlimited stopovers.

So if you have some Membership Rewards sitting around, you might want to consider transfering them over to British Airways by this Sunday.

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