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Back from Wyoming and the End of Coins

We are back from Wyoming and it was a great trip!  I’ll post more about the vacation in the coming days.  Today though I will start with the end of the trip.  We flew on American Airlines.  I booked the trip late using miles, so we had 2 connections – one in Dallas and one in Miami.  We only had a 45 minute connection in Dallas and a 5 hour layover in Miami.  We landed a little early, so we actually had about an hour.  On our way over to the gate, I noticed that a LAN (an American partner airline) flight to Miami later in the day was canceled.  I figured that meant that some of those passengers would try to get on our flight and that our flight would be oversold.  And I was right.  When I got to the gate, the standby list was at 7 people.  The gate agents weren’t asking for volunteers to be bumped, but I figured I’d give it a try.  I went up to the agent and asked if they were looking for volunteers to be bumped.  She said they were and they were offering $500 in travel vouchers per ticket and would guarantee a seat on a flight to Miami that would leave us with a 2 hour layover in Miami.  I told her we were interested and we didn’t have to go through Miami because we were connecting there as well.  She found us different route through Chicago that got us in 2 hours earlier than we were originally going to get in.  So in all, we got in 2 hours earlier and got a total of $2,000 in travel vouchers!  All because we asked.  If you have flexible travel plans, always ask.  These days airlines are booking their flights so full that you might just score some vouchers.

U.S. Mint Presidential Coins

The U.S. Mint is no longer accepting credit cards as a form of payment for the Presidential coins.  I figured this was going to happen when the story went mainstream.  I heard stories about it on NPR and an article about it on Yahoo News.

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NPR Morning Edition – Presidential Coins Link

Here’s a link to the Morning Edition Story on buying Presidential Coins to get frequent flyer miles.  I’ll let everyone make up their own minds as to how ethical the practice is, but as stated in the article, it is not illegal.

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NPR Morning Edition – $1 Presidential Coins

I just heard a promo for tomorrow’s NPR Morning Edition.  They are going to have some of the frequent flyer bloggers that I follow talking about how they buy $1 presidential coins from the U.S. Mint to get frequent flyer miles. I wrote a post about how people do this to get frequent flyer miles awhile ago.  I’m interested to hear what the show will say.  At the end of June, Morning Edition did a feature talking about how the U.S. Mint was mandated by Congress to create the $1 coins.  And the show was saying that no one wanted these coins and I remember thinking that wasn’t true because I knew people who are into the frequent flyer mile game did.

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