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Tickets for June are FINALLY Ticketed

In a previous post, I talked about how my older son is going to spend a week visiting his cousins in North Carolina this summer.  I was using the American Airlines voucher that we got when we volunteered to get bumped from a flight on the way back from Wyoming last summer (the amount we had left over after booking our trip to Disney). 

To book the flights, I went onto aa.com and held the tickets that I wanted.  I then called the reservation number and told them the confirmation number.  They changed the status of the tickets to “purchased” and gave me the instructions on where to mail the voucher. 

I mailed the voucher using delivery confirmation with the US Postal Service, like the time that I used the vouchers to purchase our tickets to Disney.  Delivery confirmation does not require someone to sign for the mail, it just allows you to check the status of your mailing on-line.  So I was very surprised when a few days after mailing the voucher, I checked the status and it said they tried unsuccessfully to deliver it.  I figured I’d wait a few days to see if they would automatically redeliver it (or American Airlines would schedule a redelivery).  Five days passed and the status was still the same.  So I called American Airlines to ask them to schedule a redelivery.  The agent I got wasn’t very helpful at first.  She basically said, well those don’t come to where I work so I can’t check on it.  I asked if she could call where they go to see if they could schedule a redelivery.  She came back in about 5 minutes and said that they don’t schedule redeliveries.  She said it was odd that they couldn’t deliver it because the location is open 24/7.

Now, if American Airlines doesn’t get the voucher in an envelope postmarked by a certain date, they will cancel your tickets.  And ticket prices for those flights have gone up so I didn’t want that to happen.  I knew if no one scheduled a redelivery (or the post office couldn’t deliver them), they would get sent back to me.  However, that would mean I’d have to book new flights at a higher price and send the vouchers in again.

I didn’t know if the post office would automatically try to redeliver before the 15 day expiration (at which point they send your envelope back to you).  So I decided to try to schedule a redelivery myself.  Technically I don’t think I was supposed to do that because I was not the person receiving the package but desperate times call for desperate measures.  I went to usps.com, looked up the status of my mailing – still unsuccessful delivery.  On that page, there was a hyperlink to reschedule a delivery.  I clicked on that and then on a button that said it was being delivered to a business.  However, they still wanted me to fill in the First Name, Last Name and Phone Number fields.  So I decided to put American in the First Name field, Airlines in the Last Name field and my phone number in the Phone Number field.  I figured, hey if they can’t deliver it, at least I’ll get to talk to someone and could explain my situation.

Well, I’m happy to say that I went on aa.com yesterday to check the status of my tickets and the status was changed to ticketed!

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Keep checking

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re heading to Disney.  We’re using transportation vouchers we got from being bumped from a flight to pay for the flight to Disney.  I called the American reservation desk earlier this week to book the flights.  After reserving the flights, you have to mail the vouchers to American to pay for the flights.  They give you 12 days to mail the vouchers in.  I haven’t mailed mine in yet because I want to be certain that there won’t be issues with my husband’s work schedule.  And since I had 12 days to send in the vouchers, there wasn’t a hurry.

I decided to check the price of the flights again today on the off chance that the price went down.  And to my surprise, it did!!  So I cancelled the reserversation that I made earlier (you can do this on-line).  I then searched the flights on-line and put a hold on the ones I wanted.  I called the reservation desk and gave them the record locator number.  They changed the status to purchased and gave me the instructions to send in the vouchers.  This exercise took me about 10 minutes saved us $500!!!  I’ll get that back in the form of a new voucher that will be good for 1 year.

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Redeeming Transportation Vouchers on American Airlines

We went to Disney World for the first time with our boys about a year and a half ago.  They were 5 and 6 at the time.  It was a magical vacation.  I think it was the perfect age to take the kids.  They got so excited every time we saw one of the characters!  And they were old enough to ride most of the rides.  When we were heading home, we decided that we would go back in about 2 years.  We realized that when the kids were older, they probably wouldn’t remember much of the first trip.  But we thought if they were 7 and 8, they might remember some of it.  I was about 9 when we took our trip across the country and I remember a lot of the trip.  And my siblings that were a little younger than me also remembered some of it.  But my youngest siblings don’t remember much of it.

As some of you may recall, we got $2,000 in travel vouchers for being bumped from one of our flights on the way back from Wyoming.  Those vouchers were on American Airlines.  And as you’ve probably heard in the news, American Airlines may go into bankruptcy.  I’m sure that the vouchers would still be honored in bankruptcy, but I really didn’t want to take any chances.  So I asked my husband if he’d be up for going back to Disney and yay! he said yes.

Now for some tips if you’re ever redeeming travel vouchers on American.  You must redeem the vouchers either using their 800 number or going to a ticketing counter.  If you want to do the research yourself, you can search for tickets on-line and then put them on hold.  You would then call the 800 number and give them the record locator number.  And if the base price for the ticket(s) is less than the total value of the vouchers you are redeeming, you do not have to pay taxes.  I talked to 2 agents and neither of them knew that.  In fact, one of them told me that she tickets these all the time and you have to pay taxes.  I knew that I didn’t have to pay taxes.  I told her that I was on their web site page about Transportation Vouchers and it says they are tax exempt.  Only after I said that did she look into it.  She called their tariff desk and that’s when she found out that taxes did not apply.

Here is a great site about how to redeem vouchers on American Airlines.

Now…let the planning for the Disney vacation begin!  Anyone have any tips?

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